Nootropics- If You’re Not Into This, You’ll Want To Be…

We love the idea, notion and belief of being able to naturally boost your brain’s performance and mental potential by leveraging smart supplement stacks. We know not all cognitive enhancers are created equally and it is not easy to safely and successfully buy nootropic supplements online without a hassle or a headache.

In general, this whole concept of smart pills and improving brain and memory function seem to be here for the longer term. Current intelligent marketing have allowed the industry to well and truly explode, making it seem as if brain supplements are something of a new breakthrough, when as a matter of fact, they have existed in the marketplace for quite some time.

So it’s important to learn exactly what you should be doing, in order to be able to discern the very best smart drugs, so that you don’t get simply caught up in marketing hype.

What Exactly Are Nootropics?

Most of us have heard about smart drugs, but a lot of us still don’t really know what they are about. To describe the heart of its objective though, a nootropic’s objective is to somehow increase and improve the cognitive function of your brain.

Having being available for quite some time already, they generally go under the name of smart drugs or its more recent labelling, nootropic. Typically, these drugs are said to improve memory function, retention rate and other brain workings. So it’s no real surprise of the popularity of these types of drugs.

The Nitty Gritty- How It All Started…

A famous Romanian doctor named Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea created the word ‘nootropics’ in the year 1972. Formed from the latin words nous and trepein, Dr Corneliu put these two words together to form what we now know as Nootropic.

The former latin word means mind, whilst the latter actually means ‘to bend’. Essentially, these words translate to bending the mind, thereby describing accurately the usefulness of this solution to expand and strengthen the brain function. These smart pills act like a powerful additive to the brain.

Using enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones, different brands and types of nootropics contain various elements and quantities to increase the productivity and efficiency of the brain function.

Furthermore, most of these smart drugs will promote an increase of blood supply to the brain. Most smart drug tablets have little to no side effects, although caution should still be advised and professional consultation is still recommended.

Studies have been conducted for well over a decade now, in order to study the effects that smart drugs have on individuals.

How do you then go about selecting a good Nootropic from a bad one?

Back in the last century when Dr Corneliu came up with the term nootropic, he put together a list of criteria that must be met in order for any smart drug to be classified as a nootropic. Besides trying to keep potential manufacturers honest, it also was a way of ensuring that the public received something of a similar composition when buying nootropics.

Here’s The Guidelines He Created:

– The Nootropic must be created in such a way that it is safe to use and protects the user from any future problems

– A nootropic must enhance the cognitive abilities of the brain and prevent these abilities from being disrupted by certain health conditions.

– A nootropic must help enhance the brain’s memory, concentration, and ability to efficiently learn.

– A nootropic must not be toxic and must have very few potential side effects, if any.

– Finally, a nootropic must also enhance both the cortical and subcortical control mechanisms that are within the brain.

The Best Places to Purchase Nootropics

There are numerous different types of nootropics that you can purchase in today’s brain enhance supplement market.The best advice is to start to read as many reviews about different brain pills as you can.

For example, something like the Addtabz review or the Amphetarol review, should help you get started. Just do a search in Google for something like ‘best nootropics or smart pills and read as much as you can- to find the best that suits you.

Generally though, as a consumer, you are also provided with many different options when purchasing nootropics.

For instance, you can choose to purchase a nootropic that is made from laboratory-created ingredients, or you can choose to purchase a nootropic that is made from natural ingredients.

Generally speaking, there are two types of brain supplements that you can choose from, powder and tablets. There are also other types of substances that you can purchase as well, but pills and powders are by far the two most popular that are available for purchase.